The Etsy Window Shopper

A daily digest of the unique, the up and coming or the totally awesome shops I find on Etsy.

My Etsy Shop:

This Etsy shop sells quality handmade underwear! This lingerie is handmade and is created and designed by a woman for a woman. I love all the different styles and patterns that they have to offer. There is definitely a pair of “delicates” here for everyone! 

                                           Shop: EgrettaGarzetta

In this Etsy shop you will find fine art prints that mix photography and painting. I love the textures of all the pieces and I find the artist’s style extremely innovative! 

                                                 Shop: labokoff

This vintage shop sells some of the owners best finds along with her own designs and creations. I love the diversity of the stuff she finds! 

                                             Shop: Coco Medeiros 

This San Diego based photographer finds her inspiration from nature, especially the ocean. I’ve always found taking photos of the ocean very difficult but this photographer does it seamlessly. Great photos! 

                                          Shop: BreeMadden

Hey WindowShoppers I will be on vacation until the 22nd and won’t be updating. But don’t worry I’ll be back very soon!!

" I experimented with different forms and techniques of silversmithing." —Shop Owner Colby June Fulton

This is why I love this shop. It’s just so unique! 

                                             Shop: colbyjune 

This Etsy shop does such a good job describing itself I’m just going to quote it here,

This former full-time photographer sees herself as “an artist who creates with fragrance and visuals.” She wishes the celebrity fragrance trend would just go away, and also thinks “men should not be stuck with vetiver.” Like the Constantines, Morrison is in favor of a more personal approach to fragrance. She is also a foodie, and explains, “Being a foodie plays a big part of how I work – scents and flavors are all entwined.” She also finds inspiration from her world travels, as well as from her own Brooklyn backyard, where she cultivates flowers and bamboo.”

…Basically this shop is just awesome and you should totally check it out.

                                                        Shop: themefragrance 

Yay! More vintagey goodness on Etsy! This shop, out of Oregon, updates regularly and has a wide selection of vintage goods. So whether you are looking for a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or an unusual item you can most certainly find it here. 

                                           Shop: nowvintage

This Dutch run shop has a beautiful selection of vegan treats to satisfy any omnivores, vegetarians, vegans or raw eaters . After going vegan in 2009 this shop owner sells animal friendly and fair trade snacks. She also runs her own living room restaurant in Hoorn, Netherlands. 

                                            Shop: Happyherbi

This shop really is a “colour explosion”. Each piece is hand painted, crafted with care and totally original. What I love about this shop are the unique patterns and colors. 

                                         Shop: tiffmanuel